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Callisto is an app for your Mac or your iPad that works with Jupyter style notebooks.  How is Callisto different?  It’s easy.  No Anaconda, no command line, no Homebrew.

How to install Callisto:

  1. Download the Callisto App (Watch our video tutorial on how to download Callisto!)
  2.  Run the Callisto App!

Callisto is ready to go out of the box.  And it works like all your other apps for Mac and iPad.  Double click a notebook file in the Finder to open it up in Callisto.  Drag and drop notebook cells to reorder them — even drag cells _to another notebooks_.  Dark mode?  Full screen?  Multiple windows or tabs?  Callisto has it covered.  We’ve worked really hard for Callisto to feel right at home on your Mac or iPad, providing the easiest and most intuitive way to work with notebooks.  Callisto’s job is to handle the details and let you focus on your work — that great data science you’re trying to do, if you could just get the tool to behave and get out of the way.

Callisto is phenomenal on the desktop and in your hands, but Callisto is sensational in the cloud too.  Callisto Cloud lets you create a cloud server in just a few clicks and run your data science work in the cloud.  Use our on-demand servers to access big machines with lots of memory and fast CPUs or access a lot of machines, to run lots of different notebooks at the same time.  With Callisto Cloud, you only pay for cloud resources that you use so you can do big work with a small bill.  Tailor your cloud servers to what you need, when you need them.

While you’re getting to know Callisto, here are some other articles that’ll help you understand some of the remarkable things that Callisto can do.

Happy exploring!


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