Cloud Server Pricing

Cloud resource pricing and monthly billing

For each Cloud Server you create on your account you pay for its Compute Price and Storage Price.

Compute Price is an hourly rate you pay for every minute your Cloud Server is running. This rate varies depending on the instance type of your work node.

Storage Price is an hourly rate you pay for the amount of storage your Cloud Server uses. You pay this rate for the lifetime of your Cloud Server, regardless of whether it is running or not. Cloud Server storage includes the size of your user workspace, which you set when you created the server, and the size of the underlying server internals, which can vary depending on the server type.

An interactive table of the current server types and their monthly charges can be found at

Your account is billed for cloud usage once a month. Expect to see a bill for the previous month some time during the first week of the following month. You can see the current month’s charges as well as past charges on your account on your user dashboard at