When Should I Run Multiple Servers at a Time?

With Callisto, you can run as many cloud servers as you need, but when do you need more than one?

Sometimes you might work on a problem that’s too big for your Mac or iPad.  Or it’s going to run for a long time.  Or both!  That’s a great time to use a Callisto Cloud server to do the heavy lifting.  You still use the awesome native user interface that Callisto gives you, but you can spin a Cloud Server for even more oomph.

With Callisto, it’s easy and quick to launch a cloud server to handle your data processing.  It’s so easy, maybe you want to launch more than one!  That’s a great option in some cases to help you better handle your data workload.

Workloads that are “lumpy” in time.

Sometimes data doesn’t arrive in nice even intervals for analysis.  Maybe you have a “busy” time of the year, where you get a sudden dump of data and need to analyze it quickly.  One option is to buy a big fancy workstation, but it would be expensive and it would sit idle for nine or 10 months out of the year.  Instead, you could use a beefy Callisto Cloud server to crank through your analysis, just like that fancy workstation, but you only pay for the time you use.  That’s great, but what if you want to process your data even faster?  In that case, start up multiple Callisto Cloud servers!  If your workflow allows for it, you can run several jobs in parallel on different cloud servers to grind through that data in a fraction of the time.  If it takes four weeks to process your seasonal data with one machine, maybe you can do it in one week with four machines.  And since you only pay for what you use with Callisto Cloud servers, the cost is the same.

Explore parameter space.

Sometimes we run notebooks that are parameter based.  Maybe we have a super smart, machine learning model for the stock market that makes predictions based on the number of snow days last December.  We want to build a library of results for zero snow days all the way up to 31.  We could run all those jobs sequentially on our Mac, but maybe it takes a while and we want to know ASAP.  This is another great time to spin up multiple Callisto Cloud servers and spread the work out over several cloud servers to explore this parameter space faster.

Callisto Cloud servers give you the flexibility to quickly scale up your capacity for running multiple data analysis jobs.  You can also scale down just as quickly.  Together, that lets you use Callisto Cloud servers to handle big data jobs quickly while minimizing the costs.  And like always, Callisto makes it easy to run in the cloud so you can focus on what’s important to you — your data and your results.