What is the Difference Between a Local and Cloud Notebook?

Cloud Notebook:

Pro: A notebook running on a cloud machine takes advantage of the resources available to that machine — memory, CPU, GPU, and storage. You can choose a Cloud Server that best suits your needs.

Con (maybe): Your amazing data will not be on the cloud machine (at first).

Uploading data is easy peasy. There are 2 ways:

  • For large datasets and files: Integrate your existing data from Google Drive or Dropbox. Learn about Cloud Storage.
  • For smaller datasets and files: Simply drag and drop a file from your device into the server’s file browser.

Cloud notebooks and data you’ve uploaded will be stored until that server is removed. This data is not saved to your Callisto account. Learn about Creating Cloud Notebook to get started.

Local Notebook:

Pro: Local notebooks will be stored and run on your machine. If your computer is powerful enough for your needs, then this will be a good option. All your data and files will be readily accessed.

Con (maybe): If your computer isn’t processing your data fast enough and predicting the future before future arrives, local notebooks may not be the best option.

Local Notebooks and the data it uses will not be managed by Callisto. This data is not saved to your account.

That’s it, now get going with a notebook. If you’re unsure, create a local one to get started.

Thanks for reading!