What is the Data Explorer?

This article with help you learn how to explore the data in your running notebook.

For those who want a quick interactive tutorial: From Callisto app’s homepage navigate to Tutorials -> Data Exploration to open that notebook and read through it. You can also download the Tutorial Data Exploration Notebook. Have fun!

For the rest that want to read:

To follow along, create a new Python notebook. Run the following lines:

Tap or click Data Explorer in top right corner of an open notebook window.

Data Explorer window:

Each of the variables can be copied to clipboard or with the ℹ️ button see the details for that variable.

Details on fruits:

Note: This table be can exported as a CSV file with the button on the top right.

Details on words:

Updating Variables running this cell:

The Data Explorer after updates:

Watch our video tutorial to learn more about the Data Explorer!