How to Create a Cloud Notebook in Callisto

To create a cloud notebook in Callisto, a Cloud Server needs to be running.

If you haven’t added a Cloud Server before:

1) From homepage, click “Cloud” on the left column. The new window will show the Cloud Browser. On the left are your servers. If you don’t have a cloud server, only your local computer will show up.

2) In the left column, click “Add Server” -> “Add Cloud Server”. Pick the settings that best suit your needs. For starting out, a small or a medium server will be fine.

This should add a new server and start it. Wait until it’s flagged as “Ready” to move onto the next steps.

Steps To Create a Cloud Notebook:

1) From homepage click or tap “New”. A Server list should show.

If you don’t have a Cloud Server running: Hover over that server and click the start button. Wait until Cloud Server is Ready.

2) Click on a Cloud Server of your choice. Then click “Select” on the bottom right.

3) Select a Jupyter kernel. If starting out, choose “Python 3 (ipykernel)”.

4) Name your notebook and save.

That’s it, your cloud notebook is created! If you need more help, please reach out to